About SoMuchGoodNews

Gavin CoxHi. My name is Gavin Cox.

I came into a revelation of grace through an open-vision in 2007, while in full-time pastoral ministry. I was instructed by the Lord Jesus to “open the windows and doors of My house”. He subsequently told me exactly how to do this. “Preach the New Covenant”, He said.

The journey has been a life changing one for me personally, and a life changing one for my companions on the way. Preaching the New Covenant is nothing other than giving the Gospel pride of place. Doing so changes everything!

Today I’m a bi-vocational pastor, a husband and a father. I divide my time between my pottery studio and other small businesses and the leadership of the eldership team of the Highway Community Church in East London, South Africa (an autonomous local church with strong relationships to a number of other grace-based congregations). In between I do some writing also.

This website serves to keep me connected with my readership through sporadic blog posts, and facilitates the distribution of my publications by providing links to retailers.

Copyright Policy

Three thoughts inform the SoMuchGoodNews copyright policy. Salvation is a free gift from God and it should be shared freely, copyright on e-publications is difficult to enforce, and it is Biblical for those who preach the Gospel to live by the Gospel.

So, feel free to copy and distribute this material. Please never sell it. And as you share it, consider purchasing those additional copies or supporting our efforts by making a donation. Directing others to www.SoMuchGoodNews.com would also be much appreciated.


I self-fund this ministry with help in cash and kind from those who believe in what I am doing and/or benefit from it. Revenue from book sales helps. Banking details have thus been included should anyone wish to add their financial support. Please mark your deposit “SoMuchGoodNews” so that I can do right by the Receiver of Revenue.

Standard Bank South Africa
Account Holder: The Cox Family Trust
Branch: Vincent Park
Savings Account Number: 084110023