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The Bible documents seven covenants or contracts. Terms and conditions apply. Anyone not clear on which contract applies to them, why, and how, will inevitably be confused regarding what Christianity is all about.

Extract from foreword by Rob Rufus

“The entire time I read this book, not only was I encouraged, but I kept thinking “Oh Lord, if only all of your people understood this truth”. In my opinion there are too many optical distortions that parade themselves as legitimate Christianity but still leave people confused. This book will evaporate so much misery that precious brothers and sisters carry as a burden that they think is from God, but is not. It will demolish cynicism and feelings of hopelessness, and flood people with confidence in God.” – Rob Rufus

What Beta Readers had to say about the book

“This book is potent in the best sense of the word. Easy to read with analogies that cleared the mud in my thinking and left me with such clarity and understanding of my Bible, how to read and apply it. This is not another layer of “How To” to slap on the top of life, but a deep foundational re-alignment in Jesus that will bring everything else into peace and order, regardless of what circumstances we face. Read it!”

“I have just finished proof-reading this book and have been blown away. In a few short pages Gavin has provided concise teaching on understanding the Bible. There is something for everyone; from the new Christian who could be making heavy weather of getting to grips with the Scriptures, to “mature” Christians of many years’ standing. His thought processes are clear, the style of writing is conversational without being overly chatty and we are left in no doubt that the entire Bible is about Jesus and the finished work of the cross. I thought that I had a reasonable grasp of the seven covenants and God’s redemptive plan for mankind but this book brings fresh understanding and revelation. Highly recommended.”


“As the pastor of a church which has come into a wonderful appreciation of the New Covenant of Grace, I have found Gavin to be an excellent and resourceful dialogue partner. Now he has gone one step further and put his insights into print. This book will be very helpful for us in our local church’s home groups as we draw from it’s wealth of information. I found this book comprehensive, yet not too long; concise but not too short. It is therefore with full confidence that I can recommend this book, and encourage other leaders to consult with it in their own journey into understanding the magnificence of the Grace of the New Covenant.” – Steve Wheeler, Highway Christian Community, Pinetown, KZN.

“Gavin has a punchy style that makes for easy reading. However, the content is so rich, you’ll want to read it a few times to let these truths really sink in. Life changing stuff. If you’re comfortable with your Christianity don’t read this book. It will ruin you! 5 out of 5 stars. – Chris Probert

“Dynamite does come in small packages! What an amazing read … it is like putting on a pair of glasses that helps you see blurred pages much more clearly. It has underpinned and secured the reality of why the Gospel is such GOOD NEWS, and strengthened my confidence in the grace and kindness of God. Understanding the covenants will cause us to live in the vast length, breadth, depth and height of what Jesus paid for us to freely experience and enjoy. I am kept secure by a covenant keeping God!” – Stuart Agnew, The Tribe.

Who should read this book and why?

HOW TO READ THE BIBLE & NOT GET CONFUSED will help you develop a working knowledge of the seven covenants of Scripture.

You’ll know what covenants are and how they work. It will take you through a brief but thorough explanation of each of the seven. You’ll learn that they all culminate in one way or another in the New Covenant. You will also be introduced to the terms and conditions of this New Covenant, which is the only one that applies to Christians today. This will all be done simply, clearly and insightfully, and with good old common sense.

This book will leave you loving your Bible. Its message will be clear because you will know how the Bible applies to you, and why. You will be left in no doubt as to why the word Gospel literally means Good News. Because it is!

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