17 hours ago
Personal and Pastoral

I circulated this a few weeks ago. Had the strong impulse to post it again now. It's for someone, that's for sure. The Lord knows, and He cares! #Gospel #GoodNews #SoMuchGoodNews

In the clip I get personal and pastoral about encouraging oneself in the Lord. Remember and Receive. Two simple keys. This one is straight from the heart.

22 hours ago
HCC - Sunday 28 Feb 2021 - An Intimate and Spacious Place

Here's the link to the audio of the preaching at Highway yesterday (Sunday 28 February 2021). With lockdown moving to level 1, we'll be able to welcome 100 into the Sunday service this coming week, ... See more

Stream Sunday 28 Feb 2021 - An Intimate and Spacious Place the new song from HCC. Release Date: March 1, 2021.

1 day ago
Ryan Rufus

If God has made you righteous then nothing can make you unrighteous. Not even if you mess up and make a mistake and do something stupid. There is nothing you can do to make yourself anymore righteous ... See more

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