Thank you technology (book giveaway)

Di Wilson - NC Bible hi-resToday it’s a great big thank you to Technology. Thank you for enabling a book giveaway absolutely free.

Putting pen to paper to capture the Gospel in it’s rich, multi-faceted beauty is something I’ve always known that I would do. (I bought my first small typewriter when still at school, and edited the school newspaper in my final year). Had this been a few years ago, the writing would’ve been the easy part. Funding the printing and distribution of the book would’ve been the challenge.

How times have changed. E-publications are by norm less expensive than hard copies, but with a bit of ingenuity it is possible to offer e-publications of the highest quality absolutely free, and to do so through the finest distribution channels available.

Over the longer term the books that I’m writing will be for sale, albeit at relatively nominal prices. But from time to time, like now, I’ll have the privilege of offering one or another of them completely free. Doing so gives me the greatest joy imaginable. Please download your copy of “How To Read The Bible & Not Get Confused”, but more than that, share the links to Amazon and Smashwords with friends, so that they can get a copy too. (Use the share button below to share using just about any electronic means imaginable, including e-mail).

Please help me get the word out! We love the Gospel, and thanks to technology, we can put it in the hands of others absolutely free, and with the greatest of ease.


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