A Necessary De-Domestication

The Lion of Judah (Jesus) is not at all domesticated.

I’m not suggesting that He is in any way feral. He’s no alley cat. No mangy rebel on the fringe. There’s nothing maladjusted or rogue about Him.

On the contrary, the King of the Cosmic Jungle, so to speak, is King of kings, Lord of lords and Lion of lions. He defines the new normal of the age to come, when we’ll all be in His image. My point is that while He is not wild in any weird or objectionable kind of way, He embodies freedom and fullness, and there is absolutely nought tame about that at all.

The Covid-related restrictions have served to make overt a niggle that I’ve had for quite some time – the church has sadly been domesticated. Looking out over a stifled half-congregation, folks peering over masks, their bodies scattered awkwardly around a half-empty room in the name of social distancing, the truth of it all hits home – the church we’ve known has been more of a zoo than a game park. Matt coats and dull eyes have replaced regal confidence, and our King’s bride has lost her roar.

That said, there is something wonderful going on at the moment. I see evidence of it amongst us, and hear news of similar things from other places. In the last few days I’ve had conversations with a number of believers who are getting their wild back.

And this is for all of us. “We have escaped like a bird from the snare of the fowlers; the snare is broken, and we have escaped!” (Psalm 124:7). It’s time to fly! 

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  1. Helena Van der Ham

    Amen….I believe I can fly!

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