All things are possible

A Christian can never be powerless. That very thought is a contradiction in terms. Christians are righteous. They are in Christ and Christ is in them. Anyone in right-standing with God, and in right-standing with the right-standing of Jesus at that, qualifies for and has access to all of the resources of heaven. Powerless? Never!

Christians might acknowledge their utter weakness apart from Christ. They might point to their absolute dependence on Christ, in all things, and for all things. They may even subject themselves under God’s hand to injustices of all kinds. Paul encouraged being wronged above seeking vindication (I Cor 6:1-8) and elsewhere are described those who suffered mocking, flogging, chains and imprisonment, who were stoned, sawn in two or killed by the sword, and who were destitute, mistreated and afflicted (Hebrews 11:36-40). Such things may well have the appearance of weakness, but they are in fact examples of strength harnessed for the unity of the bretheren, or for perseverance in times of persecution.

Jesus harnessed His strength and in humility laid down His life. He chose when to die, where to die, and how to die. His life was not taken from Him. His was a life given. In the same way, His followers may well lay down their lives in any number of ways, submitting themselves to the unenviable for He bids them so do. This is not weakness. This is extraordinary strength.

Let us be clear. A Christian can never be powerless. Apart from Christ we are hopeless and helpless, but in Him we can do all things, because these things are accomplished by His strength at work in and through us (Phil 4:13).

Nothing is impossible with Him!

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