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Christianity can be very confusing. There are such varied opinions and approaches. It all just seems so complicated. But Jesus, the faith’s founder, declared it to be simple. He is on record saying that even children can understand spiritual things.

Jesus is right! Christianity is simple and straight forward. This series cuts through the trappings and trimmings that complicate and confuse. If you want to put the peripheral into perspective and have the main thing as the main thing, the NOT CONFUSED series is for you!


The Bible is much more than mere information. In the hands of the Holy Spirit, it is revelation.

Being a preacher before ever becoming an author, I’ve always enjoyed the privilege of expounding Scripture in one way or another. The books in this series are a literary continuation on that theme. Sometimes, as with Welcome Home, it is accomplished by contemporising the passage. At other times, as with Rahab’s Place, the passage is allowed to speak in a fresh way by explanation and dramatisation. Either way, the Bible is brought to life in a fresh way in these e-booklets.

You’ll find these amplifications of loved passages of Scripture inspirational, exhortational and revelatory. Great, short reads to get your faith on!


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