Condemnation-free living

      Some days are better than others. Today is one of those others.

Nothing cataclysmic mind you. But there are some relationships that would have been a little less tender right now had I been a little less reactive. And so much more could have been accomplished had I been a little better organised and a little more focussed. Time for some recalibration!

This is not the first day that I’ve had like this, and it will sadly not be the last. Nothing extraordinary there. But what is extraordinary is our consolation in Christ at times like these. My performance is variable. Jesus never changes. And the Good News is that my right standing with God is based on His performance and not my own. My righteousness is a constant because it’s an untarnishable gift. I’m not even sure if untarnishable is a word, but reminding myself (on the good authority of Scripture) that I’m in fellowship with God and fully acceptable to Him is the game-changer on days like these.

Believing quickly makes it experientially true. Thinking on these things is always breathtaking in its effect. The downers of guilt and shame are dispelled by the influx of peace and joy. Darkness yields to light, death yields to life, despair yields to hope, and muttering is replaced by gratitude and praise. A mood swing in the right direction is a lovely thing!

“There is therefore now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus” (Rom 8:1). There is no better way to live! Thank you Jesus!!




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  1. Kandas Ackhurst

    Amazingly written. The fact remains and sit still for two minutes and think about those words. “There is therefore now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus” You will not condemn or say anything about anyone else, easier said than done, but anyway. You are not allowed because God sees us and them in a better light. How dare we. And you may also not condemn yourself for whatever reason because God sees us in a moment of weakness as greatness. How dare we. The work of the cross is big deal. Do not call dirty what He has made clean. The Gospel Rocks.

    1. Gavin Cox

      The Gospel rocks indeed!

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