Opportunity everywhere

2108603057_fc1b21f57b_zWe live in a noisy world. Globalisation, urbanisation, and the dynamics of the information-age have ensured that!

The inevitable outcome is growing isolation. Ride on public transport in any major city in the world and you’ll be amongst people who are riding together alone. The dearth of interaction is palpable. Today’s people hear so much from so many that they end up listening to very few, and are listened to by even fewer still. Amidst this ceaseless clamor for attention, nothing is easier than being rendered a cipher – a zero – one who is relentlessly talked at, but almost never talked to.

But people are individuals. Hand made. There might be accidental pregnancies, but there are no accidental people. With frenetic malaise the backdrop to modern living, and lives abuzz with internalised stresses and strains unimagined by past generations, it takes little to call someone out of the crowd. A smile, a compliment, a kind word or a thoughtful deed – perfect weapons all for piercing the fragile armor of hearts and minds bent on survival on a battlefield called typical day.

Opportunity surrounds us. Don’t be deterred by the “do not disturb” tokens that first meet the eye. The doors might be closed, but they may not be locked. Knock away, and opportunity might ironically answer. And don’t be dismayed if rebuffed. Consistency is the name of the game. Whoever opens to us opens to God, remember, for it is He who abides in us.

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