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downloadIn the early fifteenth century Galileo Galilei was declared a heretic. The religio-political leaders of the day declared him such for positing his theory of heliocentricity. Galileo had discovered that our solar system revolves around the sun, rather than around the earth (geocentricity) as was thought.

Let’s heed the lesson their arrogant presumptuous folly teaches. Things do not revolve around us!

To quote myself from Facebook: “Whose prerogative is it to decide on right and wrong? Does God decide, or do we decide? This is a crucial question in a world gone mad (have you been tracking the news lately?) I’m a grace guy to my back teeth, which means that I’m vehemently opposed to Legalism. Fact is, though, that I’m equally opposed to Lawlessness. Correctly understood, grace is a government. Christians are not under Law, but neither should they be a boundary-less anything-goes bunch who call wrong right and right wrong. Sin is a bad idea – it always destroys – and advocating for it is sheer folly. An independent judiciary that holds to a Judeo-Christian view of law is essential for the health of this country, and a thorough grasp of law being for the lawless necessary in every heart and mind (Rom 13). It seems common sense is not at all common, but my hope is that sanity will yet prevail.”

The book of Genesis is especially important in shaping a Biblical worldview. It addresses a host of first-order questions regarding where we come from, why we exist, where we are going, and consequently, how we should live. Wise men regard these God-given absolutes as reference points for life, and those who ignore them do so at their peril. Here are some examples:

  • God created us for His pleasure and purpose.
  • Right and wrong, good and evil, are determined according to His nature and decree.
  • Human life has sanctity.
  • We are stewards of all that has been entrusted to us, and God will hold us accountable for all that has been placed in our care.
  • He has delegated authority in the context of family, church and civil society (institutions initiated by Him) in order to facilitate wholesome self-government. Leaders in these spheres are therefore servants of God to people.
  • Marriage is by design between one man and one woman for life. This is also the appropriate framework of the expression of our sexuality.
  • Work is a noble pursuit, wealth an appropriate reward, and blessing from the hand of God. He abhors dishonest scales, for they undermine a righteous economy.
  • Salvation is by grace alone, through faith alone, because of the Christ alone.

A cursory glance at the above (and this is a most superficial and incomplete treatment of the subject) shows just how far the public debate has moved off solid Biblical ground, and just how non-PC (politically correct) the Scriptures are. What also continues to surprise is the degree to which I sound like a raging fundamentalist is this post, although I’m not. What I am is a grace man through and through, but please understand that the Good News of Last Adam has little consequence should first Adam not be fallen. So it is that I am firmly convinced that Jesus came to save us from our sins. And if we are judge and jury on right and wrong, then the Gospel has no need, for sin is without consequence at all. If that is so then let’s all do what is right in our own eyes, for our opinion on these matters is as close to absolute as any other person’s point of view.

A parting thought. Those of us who are in Christ are not under law, but we are not opposed to law (antinomian) either. In fact, led by the Spirit, we are law-abiding individuals. Recognising the the depravity of humanity, we advocate for the rule of law wherever self-government shows signs of breaking down. We do so graciously and wisely, but firmly, for the health of the homes, churches and communities in which we live depends on it.

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  1. Ros

    Thank you for this and the previous blog from which you have quoted above. Lots on which to reflect and comment. It comes as no surprise to me that opponents of Christianity attack the Book of Genesis, particularly the first 11 chapters, for it is there that the foundations for the rest of the Scriptures are laid, and where a Biblical worldview is declared. I agree completely that there are God given absolutes such as those you mention, and the fact that so-called “enlightened” society has seen fit to move away from them is the direct reason for the moral, economic, political and religious cesspool in which society at large finds itself today. I sometimes wonder whether the church has defaulted to legalism in order to try to turn the tide. More laws, more boundaries, more restrictions, more prayer, more fasting, more church attendance, more groups, more meetings, more, more, more – yet none of these will stop the rot. What society needs is the Gospel, grace and love. That doesn’t mean that the God-given absolutes are no longer relevant. We need to bring them back into focus but preach them within the context of grace. They are not laws to be obeyed, but (as you say) reference points for life, and it is because of God’s great love for us that He has given us reference points. His love remains unconditional and our failure along the way He does not condemn. Any loving parent desires that his children live well and lays down guidelines to help them. Father God is no different. Reference points can be treated as laws, but the outcome is likely to be rebellion. Taken on board with grace as a heart attitude, they are received with joy and gratitude. God bless. Great blog.

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