Book launch proper (at last)

Di Wilson - NC Bible hi-resComplete at last, with an additional chapter on the Eternal Covenant, and with the kindest of forewords by Rob Rufus. Here is some of what he had to say …

“The entire time I read this book, not only was I encouraged, but I kept thinking “Oh Lord, if only all of your people understood this truth”. In my opinion there are too many optical distortions that parade themselves as legitimate Christianity but still leave people confused. This book will evaporate so much misery that precious brothers and sisters carry as a burden that they think is from God, but is not. It will demolish cynicism and feelings of hopelessness, and flood people with confidence in God.”

The idea is to get this material into as many hands as possible. The price has been set at $0.99 on and at a comparable entry-level price on all the other platforms. For those who would like to download a copy now, click here (the book’s page), and then use the links at the bottom of that page to take you to the online vendor of your choice.

Di Wilson - NC Gospel hi-resIn other news, I’ve been working hard on the next offering in the NOT CONFUSED series, and hope to have it published within weeks. Why the Gospel is the Best News Ever!‘s preliminary blurb reads like this …

The Gospel is the good news about who Jesus is, what He did, and why He did it. What He did was so extraordinary, and its impact so enormous, that it will affect everything for all time. This book describes the richness of the Gospel, and outlines what the Gospel does when believed, for the Gospel believed is the power of God unleashed in one’s life.

It, too, will retail at $0.99 or the comparable across platforms.

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